last changeThu, 12 May 2011 06:21:48 +0000 (09:21 +0300)
2011-05-12 Arun RavindranFixed: Compilation failure, with version-0.1.1 master version-0.1.2
2011-05-11 Arun RavindranFixed:BMC#16664. version-0.1.1
2011-05-04 Benjamin DruckerMerge branch 'master' of version-0.0.41 version-0.1.0
2011-04-30 Arun RavindranFix for BMC#16029
2011-04-20 Arun RavindranFixed: BMC#15895
2011-04-20 Arun RavindranFixed: BMC#16054
2011-04-14 Benjamin DruckerBMC#15883: URL has extra space in the start. I fixed...
2011-03-17 Benjamin DruckerStill was broken. version-0.0.40
2011-03-16 Benjamin DruckerEarlier .pro change didn't build on OBS
2011-03-16 Benjamin DruckerBMC#14506: sms desktop icon is red square
2011-03-12 Benjamin DruckerChanged icon file name so it appears on the home screen version-0.0.39
2011-02-28 Benjamin DruckerFixed a type-o with the url highligh regex (missing...
2011-02-11 Benjamin Drucker- fix for BMC#8385 unicode not displaying correctly. version-0.0.38
2011-02-10 Benjamin Druckerleft out a rule to generate the messagemanager interfac... version-0.0.37
2011-02-09 Benjamin DruckerAdded a comment in common.pri to explain the plugin...
2011-02-09 Benjamin Drucker- Added a patch back that saves drafts when the app...
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